What We Do

We have the ability to tailor our approach to what is actually needed. However to whet your appetite this may be:

  • Outline design with block planning.
  • Scheme development incorporating multiple outlets.
  • Detailed design to fully develop the catering providing a complete design package suitable for tendering.
  • Tendering of the catering to suitable fit out contractors to ensure the best fit for your project.
  • Catering overview throughout the installation.
  • Review and completion visits to ensure the equipment and catering installation is as it should be.
  • Concept development, this is where we excel and the brief whilst critical can be pulled out during initial discussions.
  • Energy modelling to allow insight into the consumption of the catering equipment.
  • Providing alternate options for equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  • Sourcing equipment or working to develop a new item of catering equipment.
  • Advise on best practise for catering units to ensure efficient operations.
  • Review proposals and building plans prior to purchase to ensure suitable fit for catering use or to advise on best way forward.