Who we are

An independent consultancy providing practical design solutions

We are a small company with 25 years experience in designing and developing kitchens, new concepts, contractor management and budgetary and tender reviews, working with clients to ensure successful projects. This is backed up with practical experience gained working in a wide variety of catering establishments, which provides a true understanding of what is required.

What we do

We can tailor our approach to whatever is required. However, to whet your appetite, this may include:

  • Outline design with block planning.
  • Scheme development incorporating multiple outlets.
  • Detailed design to fully develop the catering providing a complete design package suitable for tendering.
  • Tendering of the catering to suitable fit out contractors to ensure the best fit for your project.
  • Catering overview throughout the installation.
  • Review and completion visits to ensure the equipment and catering installation is as it should be.
  • Concept Development; this is where we excel and the brief, whilst critical, can be teased out during our initial discussions.
  • Energy modelling to allow insight into the consumption of the catering equipment.
  • Providing alternate options for equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  • Sourcing equipment or working to develop a new item of catering equipment.
  • Advise on best practise for catering units to ensure efficient operations.
  • Review proposals and building plans prior to purchase to ensure suitable fit for catering use or to advise on best way forward.

Roz Burgess

Roz Burgess owns Intelligent Catering Limited, an independent foodservice consultancy providing practical designs, solutions and guidance for commercial catering operations. With more than twenty five years’ experience in designing and developing foodservice units, which is backed up her Master’s degree with distinction in International Management and Design Consultancy from Sheffield Hallam University. She also holds an Advanced Food Hygiene Certificate from The Institution of Environmental Health Offices.

Roz is a Member of the Institute of Hospitality, a global professional body for industry experts, and a founding member of the newly established UK consortium of Independent Foodservice & Hospitality Consultants, the IFHC.

Roz is an individual who is able to innovate, developing and providing workable and desirable solutions to maximise both space and revenue, whilst aiding her clients on their energy journey.

All projects deserve to be considered by qualified and experienced professionals that can provide valuable commentary and input on the catering operation, understand the performance criteria of the project and of the technical build and drawing requirements.

Roz has a track record in extracting the best possible outcomes from challenging projects.

Roz Burgess
I have had the pleasure of working with Roz Burgess on a very important high profile University project from inception and thought process through to final tender designs, and she has proved invaluable in her commentary, input, knowledge of the catering business, understanding of the performance of the project and detailed understanding of the build and drawing requirements. She has been able to successfully translate the ideas in my head into a design that is fit for purpose which will ensure the site can operate efficiently and effectively, our debates with the architects and design team have been challenging at times and Roz’s commentary has been succinct and insightful. It is fair to say I would have been lost without her and she has been a pleasure to work with and a great friend I would have no hesitation in recommending her services in the future.
Nic Mander
Director of Catering, University of Birmingham
Roz provided great insight, patience and her full support, from the design stage, tender stage and through to the actual construction/installation stage. Considering that the Covid-19 outbreak delayed a lot of the works, the final outcome is spectacular and in full use by the client. Roz’s experience told, and was extremely beneficial to the success of this work package.”
Andre Tsobgny
Cragg Project Management
Roz Burgess has been a fantastic addition and her skilled approach to design coupled with expertise in effective space planning and customer flow were crucial in overcoming a number of issues in relation to certain structural restrictions in parts of the existing building.
Ivan Hopkins
Over the last four years I have had the pleasure of engaging the services of Roz Burgess (Intelligent Catering Ltd) for separate high profile projects on the Goodwood Estate. From a client’s point of view, I am very grateful for the open minded, clearly explained and pragmatic approach that Roz brings to projects. Working through various versions of designs with chefs and kitchen suppliers, it has become clear that her kitchen designs are very much focussed on the people that have to work within the space, while also taking the visual aspects of a kitchen and budget restrictions in mind. Roz is very happy to receive feedback and alter designs if needed yet will defend her design approach in a very helpful manner and is often proven to be correct.
Jaap Roell
Intelligent Catering have given us four things: 1. Expert insights regarding the right offer for our customer 2. Practical thinking about how to make the designs work for both the customer and the essentially for the staff. 3. Creative solutions; presenting a choice of real options. 4. A coherent and compelling narrative that enables senior colleagues to buy into the investment.
Michael Lees