Energy Modelling

Intelligent Catering Ltd is pleased to be able to offer detailed energy consumption modelling of new and existing catering operations.

The energy modelling is based upon ‘typical’ daily usage hours, for example 6am to 11am and varies per item. Equipment specification is considered with regard to environment, increasing legislation and CSR in addition to the need to produce a menu. The equipment is then specified with consideration to overall kW rating and actual kW consumption in operation, which enables accurate analysis in respect of utility bills and CO2 emissions.

The C02 impact of equipment is also deliberated. Electric equipment provides a better working environment in relation to atmosphere, temperature, noise levels and is simpler to clean.

Duct size’s and extract fans are also smaller than if gas equipment is used, thus reducing install and running costs on items outside the kitchen.

Electric kitchens are the way forward in terms of energy efficiency. However there are gas and electric equipment options on the majority of the heaviest energy consumers allowing conversion within kitchen requirements if the site does not have sufficient electric or gas services available.