Design Approach

Tia's Day View

Intelligent Catering Limited takes a pragmatic approach to design. The layout and specification of kitchen and other food service area ergonomics begin with the food menu and trade levels.

Kitchens are configured to occupy minimum footprint for safe operation so as to minimise construction costs and maximise trading areas.

Synergies of equipment and menu items such as starters, or desserts are considered to reduce travel for chefs and front of house teams.

Flexibility is built in to allow variations in chef numbers working at different times.

Kitchens are designed with distinct areas to provide a safe food environment, which considers HACCAP, food safety, food hygiene and general health and safety.

Specification of equipment is given careful consideration and takes into account the following:

  • Current menu
  • Manufacturer preferences
  • Procurement routes
  • Availability
  • Reliability and spare parts availability
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Energy consumption
  • Budget