Radisson Blu

Hotels in Leeds, Manchester Airport and Stansted Airport, and Park Inn, Heathrow for Rezidor:

Working on six food operations at four different sites. All sites were existing and required different solutions to their existing foodservice operations.

New concept development and first new operation in UK for this international chain. Complete design, specification services and liaison with entire project team to ensure area and requirements for open charcoal operation. Second remote kitchen for hospitality service.

Park Inn, Heathrow
Review of existing lounge kitchen and proposal for change debated with team. Complete design and onsite overview including project management elements.

Review and refurbishment to fixed budget of main hotels existing operation, this included development of function kitchen facilities. The second kitchen was a complete design and overview for a new concept, which was developed with the hotel’s GM and Executive chef, including operation and new style of equipment with testing units.

Review of existing operation and identification of critical works. Frank discussion with PM, GM, operations director, engineering director and executive chef regarding requirements and works to ensure suitable standards. Development of proposal in terms of design, cost and services. Developed project to include temporary kitchen, new equipment, builders works, services, selection of finishes and tendered catering.

  • Project Value:£500k to £2 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£250k to £400k

Hilton Garden Inn


Development of an open kitchen including stores, preparation, room service, production, wash and service areas. This was for a new build site but for an international chain, therefore significant liaison and understanding of operations and requirements was required. Project discussions and negations with architects, QS’s, PM’s and M&E consultants and the operations team to ensure fit for purpose, area and service requirements met.

  • Project Value:£20 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£500k

The Gantry


Ground up delivery of foodservice design across stores, preparation rooms, production and service kitchens and multiple bars. Working through differing operations to provide most conducive vertical and horizontal flow throughout the building to enable delivery of food and beverage across the hotel and front of house areas.

Working with capital investment team, two architectural teams, two interiors design teams, hotel brands and three different operators to aid the project and deliver on time, to budget and with creative foodservice thinking.

  • Project Value:£85 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£850k

Easthampstead Park

Conference Centre

Review of existing operation and recommendations for improvements to enable effective operation. Complete design for catering operation within listed building. Restrictions included existing roof and openings, acoustics to ventilation, odours to rooms, budget and inherent operator methods. All catering works including tender, overview, snagging and hand over. The completed kitchen enabled an increase in operation to facilitate the wedding and other conference bookings, with no more team and with setting of standards for the venues F&B.

  • Project Value:£2.4 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£450k

Goodwood Estate

Motor Circuit Hospitality
Complete design for catering operation within listed building. Restrictions included area, interactions with other building areas, services, finishes, odours and acoustics. Completed project was part of the overall listed building refurbishments which one an environmental award.

New catering operation to in new building (with restricted sizes) to provide all day dinning as well as functions and events. Integral design including back and front of house elements, including hot and cold beverages and adjustable display units for varying food occasions.

Hound Lodge (10 beds)
Discussion and debate with the client team regarding requirements, areas, synergies ad costs. A listed building developed to have a high end food and beverage. Odours, grease management, acoustics, ventilation, and views were critical in the overall design.

Hertford Theatre

Collaborative work with the theatre and project team to bring commercial and effective operational flow to the new food and beverage operations in the reimagined theatre. Providing food and beverage service to theatre and cinema visitors and the local community. Split level operation with supporting service base to enable complete delivery.

  • Project Value:£6.4 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£250k

University of Birmingham

Exchange, Centenary Square

Previously the Midland bank, this unique building has been fully redesigned to provide a shared working and learning space for students and staff as well as members of the public. The multi-level F&B is to provide café, bar, meeting rooms, boardroom dining, main 2nd floor dining hall as well as in vault receptions providing unique and interesting catering within central Birmingham.

This complicated multi-level project required synergy between the F&B areas with vertical and horizontal considerations to link them together. Catering ventilation routes and heights were restricted by the existing building and beams. Access throughout the entire building has need to be carefully considered regarding routes, finishes and proposed new equipment.

  • Project Value:£34 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£550k

Premier Inn

Having proven our ability to provide alternate thoughts and different options to improve F&B for Whitbread, we were asked to work with Premier Inn to revolutionise their F&B offers. We worked with Premier Inn for nine years and across more than 300 sites, designing all of their kitchens, breakfast buffets, providing functional bar design and new concept and brand development. We reduced kitchen footprints, capital costs, operating costs, labour and skills required as well as reducing energy usage.

  • Project Value:£60k-£38 million site dependant
  • Catering Installation Value:£40-£300k per site

Nottingham Castle

This historic venue, in which the visitor spaces and attractions were being rejuvenated, the existing catering offer was found to be wanting. Therefore a new main catering unit within the Ducal Palace was created with a complete kitchen and open service area with a dining area alongside.

A new visitors centre close to the entrance was created which included a new retail unit plus compact catering unit. This was to enable locals to enjoy the facility without the requirement for entrance fees.

We undertook the complete functional catering design with spatial planning and services liaison for the two catering spaces to provide modern and yet in keep catering outlets within the castle and visitors centre.

Development of catering designs and continual discussion regarding catering ventilation, water, waste and impacts on this historic property were technical priorities.

  • Project Value:£29 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£250k

Cathedral Refectory


This historic venue required an increase of capacity to enable existing and future intended visitors and the local community.

During our initial visit we identified two major issues:

The kitchen ceiling height was very low; intensive discussions regarding possibilities and menu followed to provide the best feasible solution within this wonderful venue.

Service constraints were also challenging but we worked through and agreed the menu and delivery methods, which were then designed to work with what was possible.

We provided detailed design and F&B guidance for the new kitchen and servery in the old deanery. A new servery area was also designed to enable ease of use and visibility for customers.

  • Project Value:£13 million
  • Catering Installation Value:£150k